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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Table Talk

This is one of my favourite times of the year.  The leaves are changing to vibrant, beautiful colours; the air is crisp and fresh; and Christmas is only eight weeks away!

I thought it would be fun to focus my next several blogs on entertaining and getting ready for the holidays.  Planning ahead makes for a less stressful holiday by allowing you the time to appreciate your friends and family instead of dreading it.  

Let’s talk dining room tables!

This is the place where the family reconnects at the end of the day, holiday feasts are held, stories and memories are created and homework is completed.

If you’re in the market for a new dining room table here are some expert tips.

Everyone has different lifestyles and things we can or cannot tolerate.  Think about your household when selecting a surface for your dining room table.

Do you have young kids?  Do watermarks and stains drive you crazy?  If so, you might want to pick a surface like a farmhouse table that only gets better with age rather than a glass table or an unsealed marble top. 

Tables come in all different shapes but selecting one that’s perfect for your space is key to making your dining room or kitchen table looks like it belongs there.

The fail proof way is to look at the shape of the room or space.  If it’s going to be in front of a bay window, a round or hexagonal table will be most accommodating.  If the room is long and narrow then a rectangular table is the answer.

If your space is open and you can play around with any shape, an interesting alternative to one large rectangle is to try two smaller squares.  Use one for dinner with smaller groups and push them together when you have a large crowd.

Round tables are known for carrying on great group conversations.

How many people can I squeeze around my table?  The rule of thumb is:
  • A 48” diameter fits four people but you can squeeze in six.
  • A 54” table accommodates six comfortably; a 60” table seats eight to ten.
  • The standard size for a traditional rectangle for eight people is 36” x 72”.
The standard height for a dining room table is between 29 - 30”. The standard seat height for a dining room chair is 18”. 

Generally, you want your chair backs to be higher than the table. If you’re going for a super-modern, low-back chair, make sure the back is at least table height.

If you find a table that is lower than 29” high, be sure to pair it with a similarly proportioned chair so sitting and eating aren’t uncomfortable.  

Upholstered chairs are usually more comfortable then hard surface chairs but other factors to consider when purchasing a chair are the shape and size of the seat and the angle of the back. 

Style comes down to personal taste and preference.

The following six different trends are ones that I currently love.  

1.Winged Back Dining Chair 2.Harvest Dining Table
1. Stephanie Dining Chair 2. Pedestal Dining Table   
1. Langley Dining Chair  2. Kelowna Dining Table
1. Stanley Dining Chair  2. Sannara Dining Table
1. Unity Dining Chair  2. Industrial Dining Table
1. Austin Dining Chair  2. Austin Dining Table

It’s time to shop and find the perfect table for your home.

All of the featured tables and chairs, as well as a wide selection of other styles can be purchased through Pure Style Interiors.  Our pricing is competitive with retail furniture outlets.

If you would like help sourcing the right table and chairs that suit your style and home, we would be more than happy to help you find the perfect fit.

Visit us at or email us on our contact page.

Happy Holidays,