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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

5 Trends I love for 2016

I can’t believe that January is already coming to an end! I figured it to be most suiting that my first blog for 2016 are MY Top 5 trends for 2016. I just got back from IDS16 which is the Interior Design Show in Toronto. I have to admit that I found it to be almost the same as last year and I truly didn't walk away feeling all that inspired. However I did love Tom Dixon’s Pop up shop display! I hope you enjoy my top 5 picks. * All pictures were found on Pinterest *

1. Coloured Stainless Steel Appliances
It’s been 15 years since our kitchen appliances have had a new colour scheme trend. Silver is out and Bronze is in! Whirlpool introduced their new golden hue called “Sunset Bronze”. It provides a distinctive look while still matching new and existing kitchen designs and cabinetry. If you prefer something a little more safer then you will be happy to hear that companies like LG and GE have come out with a Matte Black and Slate Grey Stainless finish. Looking to go back to classic white? White ice is an updated white that Whirlpool has also introduced.

2. Mixing Metals
Mixing modern metals is something I have been introducing my clients too over the last two years and FINALLY 2016 has announced it as a top trend we will see. Mixing and matching metals is a sure-fire way to bring a layered richness to any space. There are so many ways to mix metals into your home! A large gallery wall with mixed metal frames, Mixing metals with you’re living room furnishings, You can even mix metals in your kitchen! Perhaps your new Sunset Bronze appliances from Whirlpool with muted brass cabinetry hardware and a sleek stainless steel pendant over the island.

3. Colour Trends - Muted & Moodie 
Amp up the sophistication in your home by sticking with muted neutral shades and adding in pops of moodier jewel tones. A great way to do this is to paint your walls in the muted neutral and painting the ceiling with the moodier jewel tone. This is an unexpected dose of interest and glamour that will keep your space feeling exciting but not overwhelming. Tie in the ceiling colour with similar toned accent pillows and accessories.

4. Scandinavian-Inspired Design
It was a big year for Scandinavian-inspired design, and according to the Magazines and Popular sites such as Pinterest and Houzz the trend shows no sign of slowing in 2016. You can mimic the look by adding simple and attainable touches around your home — like exposed shelving to showcase your collections, and white furniture accents anchored on bleached out wood flooring. The trick here is to keep it super-simple and pared-down and if you want to introduce colour it needs to be done in airy pops of colour.

5. Accent Rugs
Adding colour and texture to a room can be done by introducing a good quality area rug. It will add a sense of luxury and some softness underfoot. 2016 is the year to be brave and bold! Pick a rug with a tribal pattern or a rug that has a mixed colour palette. Even the traditional boring sisal rugs are now being introduced with exciting pops of colour! A good quality rug is well with the investment and will only get better looking with age.