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Thursday, 10 March 2016

5 Tips for decorating your outdoor space

We have heard the expression of bringing the outdoors inside so why not the opposite and bring the indoors outside!  Spring is in the air today here in London, Ontario and that inspired me to write this blog on 5 Tips on how to decorate your outdoor space!

Hiring an Interior Designer might sound like a funny thing to do when your ready to spruce up your outdoor space but it’s really no different then helping a client decorate the inside of their home.   When it comes to plants, decks, etc I would leave it to the professionals but decorating is our expertise!   A Designer can help you come up with creative ideas for your large backyard or even for the tiny backyards.  They can help you with a space/furniture plan so that everything is scaled properly.  Designers also have access to many Trade only companies for Outdoor fabrics, rugs, furniture that you don't have access to at retail stores.  Some designers will even give you a trade discount which can sometimes add up to the designer fee’s!  Which is a total WIN WIN!  You have a beautiful space designed by a professional that is completely original and unique at the same price as it would cost you to do it yourself.  

1. Rugs

Outdoor rugs can really make an outdoor space come together and add a nice pop of colour, texture and interest!  Investing in a good outdoor rug will mean they are fade resistant, stand the test of time and mother nature! Some of the cheaper outdoor rugs can fall apart after one summer (Been there one too many times).  Now there are so many different types of outdoors rugs if you want something more comfortable then a seal or natural woven rug.  Add a flat weave for a more relaxed look or even layer over a sisal rug for a more bohemian vibe. Jaipur has an amazing selection and can be purchased through 

2. Lighting

Lighting is very important when you want to create a certain ambience,  including the outdoors!  A few easy ways to include mood lighting into your outdoor habitat could be as simple as hanging a string of outdoor lights or a decorative wall light fixture.  You could also have an electrician hardwire a fixture for the outdoors and hang it over your outdoor dining table. Even adding lots of candles is a great way to may an outdoor space illuminate! The LED ones are great especially if you want to light a pathway or stairs. Here are a few links to get you inspired!  1. String Lights  2.Decorative Wall Light  3.Hanging Light Fixture (image below)

3. Mirror's 

If your challenged with a small outdoor space consider adding a mirror or two to help enlarge your outdoor habitat.  You could even lean a full length mirror against your brick wall to really make a large impact! I would suggest using an old mirror you don't know what you want to do with or find something interesting at a yard sale.

4. Furniture

I hate to state the obvious but yes furniture!  Outdoor furniture has come a long way and its easy to create beautiful outdoor vignettes with the right outdoor furniture.  Hiring an interior designer to do up a space plan/furniture plan might be a smart way to help you save money and also make the best use of your outdoor space.  Maybe you want to create a beautiful dining area or a cozy area to entertain your friends or selecting the right furniture for around your pool.  Kannoa has a beautiful selection of outdoor furniture and can be purchased through

5. Finishing Touches

Just like you accessorize your indoor spaces you can do the same to your outdoor spaces!  I love the look of outdoor draperies being hung on a porch and even having some decorative outdoor pillows. There are so many beautiful outdoor fabrics to choose from so that you don't have to worry about mould growing on the drapes and pillows. You can also add some tasteful knick knack’s (Lawn Gnomes are not tasteful #sorrynotsorry) by incorporating some beautiful planters with fragrant flowers or even herbs!  

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