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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Creating an authentic home

It's easy for a professional designer to come into someone's home and design a house that looks perfect from top to bottom with no detailed missed.  However, is the space a true reflection of the client or that of the designers taste?

Defining your design style can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming.   I have created a worksheet that helps guide my clients to help them create a language for their project and that will aid them in making decisions that stay authentic to their vision.  I have included this worksheet below for you to use as your field guide to finding your design style.

Once a client is confident about their design style it helps them trust my decisions I will make to help them execute this vision come to life.     Confident decorating is about decorating the space for those who will actually live in the home, not for anyone else.   With that confidence it will allow the client to take risks, to make their home feel highly personal no matter what the current trends are or what others are all doing to their homes.  When designing a space for my clients I encourage them to rediscover pieces of furniture, knickknack and art they currently have and give suggestions on how we can bring these pieces to life again and feel new and exciting and part of their design vision.  

The design process is a fun and unique experience for both the designer and the client.  We are uncovering who the client is, what their style and intention for the home is all about,how the architecture of the home and the decorating will conform together, and how your home feels so that it reflects your vibe. Now all thats left is getting the courage to go after it! 

I encourage you to fill out my Design Style Questionnaire below and please feel free to share it to me!

Design Style Work Sheet 

INTENTION Describe how you want to make the best use of your home. 1. I always want the sensation of having breathing room.        
2. I would love to share my love of cooking with friends.            
3. A sense of comfort and memories is paramount to me.
STYLE Style is how your intentions will actually look or appear when put into the design of your home. Describe what styles you are drawn too. I love the eclectic look of mixing old with new, I am more drawn to bohemian looking spaces with lots of neutrals. I want something that will be timeless to our home.
HOUSE Describe your home’s architecture and style Rustic, airy, open, contemporary. 
INSPRIATION  What do you find inspiring? I find my travelling, food and the wilderness inspiring.
FEEL How do you want your home to feel? I would love for my home to be a balance of calming, uplifting and whimsical.
MOOD Describe the mood of your home. I want my home to feel lived in but not cluttered and relaxed yet fun. 
COLOUR PALETTE Describe your general colour palette. I love calming serene colour palettes with touches of blues and greens. 
PROJECT LANGUAGE Your project “Language” is what results from all of this combined information.  List the descriptive phrases that apply to your specific project and use the verbiage as a litmus test or filter throughout the design process. Each and every selection of your project should fit through this “filter.” A mix of bohemian meets contemporary, with an open and airy neutral palette. A strong connection to the wilderness and the places we have travelled and an overall impression of a calming, well lived in space without feeling cluttered. An uplifting, relaxed vibe is key and the home should make life easier by being organized and conducive to creative endeavour and fun. 
END RESULT Always ask yourself, “is X in keeping with my overall vision?”  “Is this rug right with my overall vision?” “Is it relaxed enough?” “Is is too serious?” and so on. 

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